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    " Minors under 17  1/2 but 15 1/2 are required to complete the drivers education and earned the certification before they are allow to go pass the learner permit written test at the DMV, within   a period of 6 months complete 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training with a professional Instructor to have earned the certificate Completion, practice 50 hours, 10 hours at night before they are allow to take the drive test  for the actual driver license at the DMV".  
   " Minor under 18 but 17 1/2 must complete behind-the-wheel training  and have earned the certificate without waiting for 6 months before they are allow to take the drive test  for the actual driver license at the DMV". 
You may consult the DMV website for more information.


         Need to pass the written test to get a temporary license or learner permit before starting behind-the-wheel training.


 Mature Drivers:


    There are actually two (2) courses that require separate approvals, applications and fees.


   1. The first one is for  Seniors that have never taken the course.


   2. The second course is a “renewal” course for Seniors that had received a completion Certificate before.


*California Insurance Code 11628.3. states that "..every admitted insurer shall provide for an appropriate percentage of reduction in premium rates for motor vehicle liability insurance for principal operators who are 55 years of age or older and who produce proof of successful completion of the mature driver improvement course provided for and approved by the Department of Motor Vehicles pursuant to Section 1675 of the Vehicle Code." Please contact your insurer to determine the amount of your discount.


                        18 hours of continue education will subsidy the  License renewal examination

          Foreigners need to pass the written test to have earned a temporary driver license or to have earned a leaner permit before enrolling to behind-the-wheel training
Revoked license:

You must pass the written test before enrolling to behind-the-training. You will learn during the 6 hours how to improve your  driving skill with a dedicate instructor who will write testimonial letter to the DMV to support your improvement

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